SawaPay | Send money to Africa


Can I use a credit card to send money?

No – you cannot use a credit card to send money using SawaPay.

You can use your debit card that is issued by a U.S. Bank or your Debit or Savings U.S. bank account to send money using the SawaPay app. If you have a bank account you can use SawaPay to send money. Simply use your U.S. bank issued debit card to fund your SawaPay transaction. You can also use your routing number and bank account in the SawaPay smart phone application to send money.

How are you able to charge Zero Fees for your transactions?

We charge no fees for money transfers using the SawaPay app. Unlike competitor services, sending money through SawaPay will save you time and money. We make a very small percentage off the exchange rate when delivering your money to the recipient. Why pay fees to send money? – Use SawaPay for Zero Fee transfers.

How do I reset my password?

Launch the SawaPay app on your smartphone. At the login screen select the Reset Password link. A verification code will be sent to the email address you used to register. Use the information in the verification email to update your password information. This should let you continue to use the SawaPay app.

What are the options for receiving money in Kenya?

With the SawaPay app you can send money to Kenya to be received via M-Pesa, or directly to a bank account in Kenya.  You can also send money to a PayBill account.

What are the options for receiving money in Uganda?

Money can be received via Airtel money or MTN mobile money.

What countries can I send money to using SawaPay?

SawaPay launched offering the ability to send money to Kenya as well as Uganda from USA. We are rapidly expanding and will soon offer the ability to send money to several African countries.

What other services does SawaPay offer?

SawaPay offers several value add services including the following:

Send money directly to a Bank Account in Kenya
Pay utility bills using PayBill
Contribute to social causes or projects using PayBill
We are constantly expanding our product line. As new services are introduced they will be made available on the SawaPay mobile app. Check back often to see what new services we offer.

Why do you need my name and date of birth in the SawaPay app?

Federal and state legislation requires that we confirm you are who you are before you can send money using the SawaPay app. We are required to capture this information to help us comply with Anti Money Laundering requirements for financial service institutions.

This verification process is especially important the first time you use our app to send money.

We are committed to your privacy and the security of your information at SawaPay.