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Your safety and security are our number one priority. We commited to providing a secure and convenience means to send payments via our mobile application. Your information is transmitted securely and encrypted when using our services.

SawaPay also partners with leading banks and financial firms to ensure that your transactions are conducted in a safe and secure manner


How it works

It’s simple, quick and secure; instantly send money to your loved ones in 3 easy steps:

Select Country and Amount

Choose your destination country, amount and delivery method. Our displayed exchange rates are guaranteed, so you know exactly how much your receipient will receive.

Add Receipient details

Choose from the list of already added beneficiaries or add new recipient by entering their name, phone number, address, and other relevent information.

Select your Payment Method

Choose from your linked payment method or enter your new debit or bank payment infor. Review and send your transaction. Both you and the recipient will get notifications by SMS/e-mail when money is sent and received.

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Why Choose SawaPay?

Let SawaPay be your platform of choice and convenience for sending money home.


No need to visit a Money Transfer agent, wait in a line and fill-in a form; SawaPay saves you time. Send money anytime, anywhere all right from your phone, hustle free.


Funds are instantly available to your recipient, just in a matter of minutes. Also, you and your recipient receive confirmation once the funds have been delivered.


We charge low fees to send money. Every penny counts, you save money on every transaction compared to traditional money transfer companies.


Our secure platform is trusted by our partners, we use the same encryption technologies used by banks. And your money arrives safely, in the hands of your receipient.

It’s very easy to use, in three simple steps money is send to your friends and family. And, your receipient do not need to have the app in order to receive your money.

We offer multiple options, you have the choice on how you want your friends and family to receive your money. Also, with SawaPay you can send money on-the-go.


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